Application for Database

Domestic and Foreign Group/Individual Usage of The Grand Secretariat Archive Database in the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

89.12.21 Office meeting report
94.06.30 Office meeting revision
97.10.30 Office meeting revision

Since January 1, 2009, the database of the Grand Secretariat Archive of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, has been open to domestic individuals and educational and academic research institutions for free use. The application method and usage specifications are as follows:

I.Those who apply for individuals or institutions use are limited to those who live in Taiwan (including Taiwan, Penghu, Jinma).
II.Individuals or organizations applying for database usage must apply to the Fu Sinian Library in written letter or email. Each application is limited to a time limit of one year, and must reapply after expiration. Institutions can also apply through academic cooperation or exchange.
III.Research colleagues can log in with their account and password in the entire network domain of our institute. Users outside the campus must use a fixed IP address and account password to log in.
IV.Individuals or organizations can apply for the use of this database for free. If there is a need for printing, printing fee can be prepaid to our institute. The charging method is as follows:
(1)1 TWD for colleagues at the institute.
(2)2 TWD for people outside of the institute.  
(3)Those who have not prepaid have no printing permission.
(1)Applicants have responsibility for the complete custody of the account and password, and shall not lend it to others.
(2)The purpose of this database is to provide academic research. Applicants are not allowed to circulate any content in this database online or use in commercial activities.
(3)Any quotation from this database must indicate the source of content. A copy of the work is welcome to be provided.
(4)If users do not apply to continue their account after expiration, prepaid unused printing fee cannot be refund but can be retained for future use when applying for this database.
VI.In case of violation of the above-mentioned norms, we may cancel the right for online usage.
VII.Specifications may be revised after discussion at the executive meeting.

View the account application form online (application portal)