Standards of Working Progress

I.General Rules

1.When the working areas have original archives, no food and drink are allowed within one meter. If space permits, separate areas for food and drinks from the working areas.
2.During operations, staff must put on gloves to avoid touching the original archives with their bare hands.
3.Staff should follow the "Principles of Archive Room Management" entering and exiting the archive room.
4.System registration should be completed if original archives are involved in the transferring process. If system registration is not permitted, the receiving ends should count the number of files accurately to avoid human error.

II. Maintenance of Original Archives

1.Operation Process

(1)Operation Process:
(2)Pickup without number
(3)Sweep dust
(5)Match and patch
(7)Send to data entry or send to archives

2.Operation Principles

(1)In the process of original archive maintenance, staff should uphold a professional attitude, use specified tools and materials, and select appropriate maintenance methods based on professional knowledge.

(2)Keep the archives undamaged. Maintain the completeness and correctness of archive content and physical appearance.

(3)A review should be distinguished based on the "Categorization of Original Archive Principles."

(4)Archives that cannot be confirmed as coming from the same document shall not be matched and patched to avoid irreversible errors.

III. Data Entry

1.Operation Process

2.Operation Principles

(1)Archives should be distinguished according to the "Classification of Original Archive Principles."

(2)Sealing and numbering must follow regulations, using specific tools and materials on the archive's specified location.

(3)Archives need to be classified and put in order, and relevant information should be entered into the system.

IV. Digitization

1.Operation Process
(1)Pickup with number
(2)Appraise original format
(3)Scan or record digitally
(6)Return original archive

2.Operation Principles

(1)If it is a subcontract operation, the division of rights and responsibilities between our staff and the staff of the subcontracted manufacturer should be listed in detail. Our staff should be responsible for essential tasks such as picking up, appraising, verifying, and returning.

(2)The operation process shall follow the "Operation Process Protocols" of the studio and follow relevant rules and regulations.

(3)During the scanning and correcting process, the original archive should not be damaged or destroyed due to any factors. In the initial planning stage, equipment used should also be based on the most important principle of archival protection and formulate relevant specifications.

(4)The archiving of digital archives should adopt the principle of multiple backups, saved in multiple carriers and stored in more than two different locations.

V. Abstract

1.Operation Process
(1)Pickup with number
(5)Record abstract
(7)Return original archive

2.Operation Principle
Archive description should follow the "The Grand Secretariat Archive Description Rules” with the highest principle of “better without it than doing it wrong.”

VI. Archive Room Management Principles
1.Workers need to wear safety equipment in and out of the archive room, including gloves, masks, etc.
2.No food and drink are allowed in the archive room.
3.In any operation process, when pickup with number and return procedures are required, staff should immediately complete system registration at the entrance of the archive room.
4.Non-working personnel are not allowed to enter the archive room. Entrance is only allowed with the consent of the convener, and the Archive Room Management Principles should be complied.
5.After the internal sorting of the archive room is completed in accordance with the principles, they should be clearly marked, and the archive sorts should not be changed unless necessary.
6.During any operation process, when pickup and return are required, staff should maintain the sortings and should not misplace the archives.
7.Staff should inspect the archive room at the end of each month to confirm that all sorts are clearly marked, put in order, and correctly placed.
8.Staff should pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the archive room at all times, and correct any problem immediately.

VII. Open Access Management Principle
1.The open access and usage principle should follow the “ Original Archive Usage of The Grand Secretariat Archive at the Institute of History and Philology,Academia Sinica.”
2.Archive data recipient and usage principles should follow the “Internal Usage Guideline of the Digital Materials of Cultural Relics” and “Group/Individual Usage Guideline of the Grand Secretariat Archive at the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.”