Communication Memorial

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During the first years of Emperor Shunzhi, apart from Routine and Secret Memorials, upward-flowing documentation from bureaucrat-subjects also included Communication Memorials for the Prince Regent Dorgon. In the years of Emperor Kangxi, after the three vassal states were suppressed, Communication Memorials were also used when local bureaucrats submit documentation to the An-Yuan-Jing-Kou General-in-chief and the Lord of Mobilization. The format of Communication Memorials is the same as a Routine memorial, with Red Endorsement in front, officially sealed, and a summary attached to the end. However, it is used for a rather short period of time. In Dorgon's Edict to the Innerhouses in 1646, "from this point on, all bureaucrats in capital and out, all Communication Memorials shall be written as Routine Memorials. Communication Memorials shall cease to be used from now on."
Item No.
The Minister of the Board of Revenue communicates about the investigation of the cemeteries and tombs of the Ming Dynasty, September 27, 1644. (Registration Number: 038704)