Palace Feast Seating Chart

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The Tai-He Palace demonstrates the grandeur of the royalty through maximized palace arrangements and square seatings. Leading up to the broad and open palace is the stone carvings and red-colored steps occupying 30,000 square meters. Beiles and lords, vassal state bureaucrats, and Qing bureaucrat-subjects all are seated according to their ranks; under the roof sides are the Council of Colonial Affairs and Censorate, checking all bureaucrats, vassal state or inner state, to sit according to aristocracy, ranks, and association from inside the Palace, to the stone carvings, to the red-colored steps. Foreign missionaries can only sit at the last seats. Although in proper rites and standards the Emperor should always come to the Tai-He Palace on the three most important holidays to host feasts and celebrate, the times that a grand nation-wide celebration actually happened are very limited, let alone the feasts that have to occur in the Tai-He Palace.
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The Tai-He Palace Feast Seating Chart. (Registration Number: 038315)