Standardized Manchurian Seal Character Font

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At the start of the Qing Dynasty, on the official seals, the Chinese is in seal characters and the Manchurian is in original Manchurian. In 1746 (Year 11 of Qianlong), the Emperor adjusted, arranged, and calibrated the thirty-nine imperial seals collected by the Jiaotai Palace. In 1748, the Emperor ordered the confucian bureaucrats to compose the seal characters for Manchurian to be applied to seals. The "Format Sketch of Manchurian Seal Character) collected here at IHP is the Manchurian seal character format designed by the Grand Secretary Boheng under the imperial edict, consisting of ten seals on "Zhi-Gao Seal" and nine seal character fonts including "Yujing Seal Character". Afterwards, Qing's official seals have set formats for both Chinese and Manchurian characters.
Item No.
Ten "Emperor's Seal" seal formats on "Zhi-Gao Seal" and nine seal character fonts including "Yujing Seal Character" made by the Grand Secretariat under imperial command. (Registration Number: 166469)