Draft of the Veritable Records

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The Veritable Records is the historical account of major events during the reign of a certain Emperor. After the Tang Dynasty, the new Emperor composes the Veritable Records for the preceding Emperor after enthronement; this became a set tradition. In the Qing Dynasty, the Veritable Records Department is established to specialize in this task. The Veritable Records for Taizu (Nurehazhi) is first composed in 1636 (Year 1 of Chongde), edited in the times of Emperor Shunzhi, re-written in the times of Emperor Kangxi, and adjusted and re-edited in the times of Emperor Yongzheng and Qianlong. The collection here at IHP is the aberrant draft during Emperor Kangxi's re-writing process.
Item No.
The Imperial Diary draft of Nurehazhi, founder of Qing Dynasty, which was composed around 1587 to 1598. (Registration Number: 166467)