Vermilion Edicts

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In Qing's system, apart from proclaimed edicts and court letters, if the Emperor intends to speak through edicts, there are also "Vermilion Edicts". According to the Record of Laws and Systems in Kangxi Era , "for all edicts to different departments, after the Grand Secretary and other bureaucrats copied for imperial review, the edict is written in vermilion on yellow papers. Each department's corresponding bureaucrats will then be summoned to receive the edict in person." This is the Vermilion Edict. If the Emperor writes the Edict in vermilion himself, it is also called a Vermilion Edict.
Item No.
On June 27th, 1721, for the chaos caused by Zhu Yi-Gui, Emperor Kangxi made an Edict: "The Emperor edicts to the Taiwanese public … if you turn youself in, your crime will be pardoned; if you do not, then the Qing military will be at your gate and destroy your households." (Registration Number: 117454)