Aberrant Copy of the Yangtze River Painting

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The Aberrant Copy of the Yangtze River Painting. The painting starts from the left with the Yalan Ji in the Huguangyue Prefecture's Linxiang District, to the right ending with the Shangshan Ji in the Xingguo Prefecture. This painting not only correctly depicts the natural geography of the Yangtze River, its tributary flows, and its lakes, but also labels the political division of the geography with details. This latter part includes labeling the prefectures and cities that serve as the local administrative centers, the military holdings and ward inspectors, the tax collectors in charge of the economy, and the courier stations along the river flow.
Item No.
The year that this painting was composed is not yet clear. The head and tail of this painting are both missing. What is left is the section from Yalanji village (in Hunan province area) to Qi District (Hubei province). (Registration Number: 038312)