Imperial Edict Draft

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In the lunarh March of 1654 (Year 11 of Shunzhi), the son of Zhongshan Lord of the Liuqiu Tributary State, Shangzhi, came to the Emperor for tributes, gave back the old command seals given in the Ming Dynasty, and requested for a new one. In the lunar first of July (August 12), the Shunzhi Emperor gave the edict to make Shangzhi the Lord of Zhongshan of the Liuqiu Tributary State. This is the draft of that imperial edict. This draft is written from left to write--the same format as Manchurian writing--potentially indicating that this draft is a draft for translation from Manchurian to Chinese.
Item No.
Imperial Edict Draft of crowning the tributary Liuqiu state's king. (Registration Number: 038162)