Palace Memorial

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The initial use of Palace Memorials started during the years of Emperor Kangxi. Different from all the Routine Memorials, Palace Memorials are not defined by whether it is about routine or private business. After composition, Palace Memorials are packed, wrapped with yellow silk, and delivered to the capital by trustworthy family workers. Palace Memorials reach the Emperor directly, without a submission process through the Commission of Transmission. They also directly receive the Emperor's Vermillion Endorsement, which happens either at the front of the memorial, between the lines, or at the back; hence, the Palace Memorials with Vermillion Endorsements are also called the Vermillion Endorsement Memorials. After the imperial response, Palace Memorials are sent directly back the composer of the memorial. After Emperor Yongzheng ascended the Throne, apart from extending the privilege of using Palace Memorials to more bureaucrats, he also made it a convention to collect all Palace Memorials with Vermillion Endorsement in the Maoqin Palace--collectively called the "Palace Memorials".
Item No.
Fu Kangan and others' Palace Memorial to express gratefulness for the imperially endowed white conch, January 24, 1789. (Registration Number: 044174)
Item No.
Provincial Governor Li Wei's Palace Memorial for central administration to send representatives for Tongzhou seals, April 17th, 1723. (Registration Number: 011470)