Rules of Access

Original Archive Usage of the Grand Secretariat Archives:
1.Original archives are temporarily limited to the research colleagues in the institute. Suppose relevant academic groups or individuals must use the original for research, they should formally submit an application and obtain the consent of the director before using it. They must also comply with the “Rules of Access to the Original Archives.”
2.The open location of the original archives is the “reading area” next to our studio.
3.Rules of Access:
(1)Archives with completed digital image data are not available for access. If there are special research needs, application and approval of the director shall be formally submitted.
(2)Archive access and retrieval is limited to three people per day, and appointment shall be made three days in advance.
(3)Archive access and retrieval is limited to thirty pieces per person a day.
(4)Without permission, archives are not allowed to be copied (including shooting, scanning, copying, etc., and are not allowed to be taken out of the reading area.
(5)When using the archives, users are required to wear gloves and masks, and are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the reading area.
(6)Access time is everyday before 10 am, and shall be returned at 4 pm.

4. Format of the application form will be set separately.

Archive Access Application Form  (download form)