The Initial Stage of Documentation Rearrangement
Complete Check
Large-scale Rearrangement and Organization
Initialization of Digitization
Hosted by Xu Zhongshu
1929Purchased from Li Shengduo. Deashing, paving, mounting, and preliminary sorting were performed in the west wing of Wumen, Beiping.
1930Published Historical Material of the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Book A
Published The Ching Dynasy Official Documentation - Death of the Taiwanese Cheng's
1932Completed the concise catalog of important archives.
1933Published The Old Catalof of the Grand Secretariat Archive
1935Published Historical Material of the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Book B & C
1937When the Anti-Japanese War broke out, the archives were transported southward in hundreds of boxes, and moved to Changsha, Kunming, Lizhuang, Nanjing, etc.
1948Historical Material of the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Book D  was left in Shanghai, couldn't catch on the time to print
1949Archives arrived in Taiwan
Hosted by Li Guangtao
1951Counting hundreds of boxes of archives shipped to Taiwan, a total of 311914 pieces
1953Published  Historical Material of the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Book E.  Starting from 1967, successively publish Book F, G, H, I ,J.
1959Published Ming Qing Archive Essentials: Pilot
1970Published The Original Manchu Documents from Qing Taizu Dynasty 1
1971Published The Original Manchu Documents from Qing Taizu Dynasty 2
1973Published Ming Qing Archive Essentials: Episode 2
1975Published Ming Qing Archive Essentials: Episode 3
Hosted by Chang Wejen
1981Documents were numbered and photocopied, and the original copies were sealed for storage. The photocopies are for publication and research purposes.
1986Co-published The Ming Qing Archives with Linking Publishing (a total of 12 episodes; episode 1 to 10 are book version, with a total of 324 books, and episode 11 & 12 are DVD version).
Hosted by Liu Cheng-yun (1995-2001); Hosted by Ho Hanwei  (2001-2003);  Hosted by Chen Gwo-Dong (2003-2005); Hosted by Liu Cheng-yun (2005-2012); Hosted by Chen Hsiyuan (2012-present).
1995Entered data after writing the archives. Established The Grand Secretariat Archive.
1996Ended photocopying of the originals and insteaded started using image scanning and digital photography to save digitalized images.
1997Published Taiwanese Historical Document Catalog: Book 13
1998Set up the "Grand Secretariat Archive" website to allow open access to online searching for content abstracts.
2001Expand the image security monitor system of the Grand Secretariat Archive, and open domestic online reading and full-text image printing services.
2002Participated in the "National Digital Collection Project" funded by the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan, cooperated with the sub-project of our "Digital Collection of Cultural Relics Sub-project" of the five "Grand Secretariat Archives" to accelerate the progress of digitizing the Grand Secreatariat archives. Also assisted in the establishment of "name and authority file" and "geographical name authority file."
2007In conjunction with the "National Digital Archives Project," our firm hosted the "Digital Knowledge Network of the Ming and Qing Archives" as part of the "Overall Digital Knowledge Management Project of the History and Language Institute-Expanding the Digital Archives in Taiwan." We carried out digitization works such as scroll-type archives, and assisted in the expansion of the biographical data of historical figures in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the establishment of the "Ming and Qing historical dynamic map information system" and the "officials of the Qing Dynasty" database.
2011Integrated the Grand Secretariat Archives, the diplomatic archives of the Institute of Recent History, as well as the Database of the Ch'ing Palace Memorials and Archives of the Grand Council by the Palace Museum, and established a cross-database integrated retrieval platform.
2012Expanded the Grand Secretariat Archive system, and changed the file retrieval interface to a knowledge-base structure.
Published "Compilation of Taiwanese Historical Data from the Grand Secretariat Archives."
2016Published "The First and Last Order of the Emperor"
2019Published "The Grand Celebration of the Celestial Dynasty: The Grand Emperial Celebration".